As an artist, I am interested in the healing power of creation and the translation of spiritual energy into art. Part of my process is to meditate on, channel, and infuse my work with the spirit of my subject.

In a practical sense, my process includes careful planning before and during the creation of my paintings. Colour and light are very important to me and as such, much of my time is spent mixing and planning colours. I often work from photos, and use a combination of staged and candid photography as well as drawing and collage to create the template for my paintings.

My intention in sharing my work is to create connection and emotional reaction, providing space for an inherent collaboration between artist and viewer. I am fascinated by the alchemical process by which art, like dreams, is interpreted. It is as if the imagery and symbolism of the art, combined with the observer’s interior landscape create a third entity which is the observer’s unique and subjective experience of the art. It has been my experience that the work which most resonates with an audience is the work which is deeply personal.